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November 30, 2020
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Drs. Kevin Dawson, Douglas Chun, and Sarah Grekin of Dawson Dermatology, in Honolulu, HI, understands the difficulties of acne. About 5% of adults and 80% of adolescents suffer from acne, a confidence-crippling condition.

More About Acne

Sebaceous glands secrete sebum, an oil, that moisturizes the skin. Sebum travels from the root of the hair follicle to the surface of the skin. People suffering from acne have a problem with this process. The sebum doesn't reach the surface of the skin but, instead, creates a blockage of sebum and dead cells.

Whiteheads vs. Blackheads

  • Whiteheads are formed when the opening of the hair follicle is completely blocked.
  • Blackheads are formed when the hair follicle's pore is still open.

The inflammation of whiteheads and blackheads can produce red pustules that lead to skin scarring when inflamed.

How can you treat acne?

Treating acne isn't easy but your Honolulu dermatologist knows just how to help. Here are a few treatment options your dermatologist provides:

  1. Benzoyl Peroxide can reduce blocked skin pores for mild acne
  2. Antibiotics, oral and topical, can help you deal with acne infections
  3. Vitamin A, like tretinoin, helps exfoliate blocked pores
  4. Metal instruments extract whiteheads and blackheads manually

What are the acne scars?

Here are some procedures your dermatologist provides:

  • Microneedling: This is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that treats skin using collagen induction therapy.
  • Chemical peels: This treatment targets different pathophysiological factors to help you deal with photoaging, deep scars, wrinkles, and precancerous skin lesions.
  • Laser Skin Treatment: Your dermatologist treats acne scars using laser skin treatment to minimize the appearance of scars by removing people's residual scarring.

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Acne isn't fun for anyone and can deteriorate confidence. Drs. Kevin Dawson, Douglas Chun, and Sarah Grekin of Dawson Dermatology can help you treat acne. For more information on acne, acne scars, and the various acne treatments, call your Honolulu, HI, dermatologists at 808-599-3780.


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