The Importance Of Regular Skin Exams In Detecting Skin Cancer

The Importance Of Regular Skin Exams In Detecting Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a concern for patients who are overexposed to the sun’s rays and who have a family history of this condition. Learn why skin examsregular skin exams are extremely important if you are at risk of skin cancer. You can have your skin checked by our Honolulu, HI, dermatologists - Dr. Kevin Dawson, Dr. Douglas Chun and Dr. Sarah Grekin at Dawson Dermatology.

Skin Cancer Risks
If you are a patient who is at a higher risk of developing skin cancer, regular skin exams are very important. These are some of the factors that may increase the risk of skin cancer:

- Pale or light skin.
- Spending several hours per day in the sun (whether for leisure or work).
- A family history of skin disease.
- A previous diagnosis.

What Happens At a Skin Exam?
At an in-office skin exam, your Honolulu dermatologist will take a close look at all areas of the body that are most often exposed the sun, including the arms, face, back, and legs. There are five indicators that doctors look at (ABCDE) when diagnosing skin cancer:

- Asymmetry of the spot or mole.
- Border irregularity.
- Color varies (i.e. different shades of brown and black).
- Diameter (a mole shouldn’t be larger than a pencil eraser).
- Evolving (the spot is changing).

If you notice any abnormalities, point them out to your dermatologist immediately at the skin exam. Also, if a lesion suddenly starts to bleed or become infected, that is an urgent concern to bring to your doctor.

Importance of These Exams
Because this type of cancer is easy to detect with the naked eye, it is often successfully caught and treated in its early stages. Early detection with regular skin exams saves lives and minimizes the need for invasive treatments.

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