What You Should Know About SculpSure®

What You Should Know About SculpSure®

Discover this incredible non-surgical way to reduce fat and boost your self-confidence.SculpSure®

Do you feel like no matter how often you workout or how well you eat that you still can’t get rid of stubborn body fat? From menopause to post-pregnancy weight, there are many scenarios in which people find it difficult to lose that unwanted fat around the stomach, sides or thighs. If this sounds like you, our Honolulu, HI, dermatologists Dr. Kevin Dawson, Dr. Douglas Chun and Dr. Sarah Grekin are here to tell you about a safe, effective way to say goodbye to fat for good.

What is SculpSure®?

This is the first FDA-cleared laser treatment used to target and kill unwanted fat cells along the stomach, waistline, thighs and even chin. By directing laser energy at these specific treatment areas, this light heats up and destroys the fall cells while its built-in cooling technology ensures that skin stays cool and safe throughout the treatment. Furthermore, the results you achieve through this cosmetic treatment are permanent.

What should I expect from my SculpSure® procedure?

If you want to treat several areas at once, this isn’t a problem with SculpSure®, which uses multiple applicators to deliver specific wavelengths to the areas you wish to target. This treatment only takes about 25 to 30 minutes to complete and you’ll most likely see results after about 6 weeks, with full results obtained around three months.

Is there a recovery period?

One of the benefits of getting SculpSure® from our Honolulu dermatologists is that this procedure doesn’t involve any downtime, which means that you can go back to your daily routine immediately after your treatment. While you may notice some swelling, redness or soreness in the area or areas that we’ve treated, these side effects are often minor and will go away after a couple of days.

Is this treatment painful?

The cooling technology within SculpSure® guarantees an easy, comfortable and non-invasive experience. While you may notice a slight tingling during your treatment, it’s usually not uncomfortable or problematic for our patients.

Do you have questions about SculpSure®? Ready to find out if it could finally give you the results you’ve been looking for without having to go under the knife? Then turn to Dawson Dermatology in Honolulu, HI today to schedule your consultation.

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